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What is askiafield?

askiafield will help you manage all of your fieldwork projects easily and efficiently. It contains the following solutions: askiavoice for CATI, askiaweb for CAWI and askiaface for CAPI & mobile.




Platform One

More surveys need to be completed from everywhere, at anytime, 24/7 these days. Web interviews are taking place all over the world in hundreds of languages. CATI agents are now working from home. Mobile panellists fill in surveys with their smartphones at points of purchase. Interviewers need to be able to abandon their traditional clipboards for tablets. Coding can start at the same time as fieldwork. Respondents may want to start a survey on their phone and finish it on their laptop.

To help you stay in control of all this, we've created a reliable and scalable platform for collecting data across a wide range of modes and a control centre which allows you to monitor all survey tasks in a single environment...

Welcome to askiafield!


Askiavoice is our CATI solution. It is designed to manage and optimise large market research call-centres - with the added flexibility to have some or all of your agents working remotely.

Supervisors have complete visibility & control over sample and quotas. They can easily review progress and carry out performance checks on agents. You can also assign sample files, link to external databases and run a range of reports.

You can even manage your fieldwork online: monitor your agents via your browser as well as report the progress of surveys.

Askiavoice is specifically designed to work with CTArchitect, our dialler solution. Different dialling modes are available, such as Preview, Progressive & Predictive dialling; allowing you to boost your CATI productivity. A whole range of monitoring options are available, such as automated call recording (for open-ended questions), remote listen-in, extended statistics and more.


Scale: the application rests on a web architecture that allows you to deliver thousands of simultaneous connections.

Accessibility: our supervisor tool lets you manage all of your survey projects, web connections and external resources.

Engagement: with askiaweb’s integrated e-mail management you can send or schedule invitations and reminders using our fully customisable e-mail tools.

Compatibility: provide your askiaweb surveys on any device for any browser. Of course, askiaweb supports all languages and character sets.

Anywhere: askiaweb surveys can be accessed from a wide range of sources (websites, intranets, email-links, banners, pop-ups, QR Codes).

Shareable: with our unique Supervisor Click & Go; you can send a copy of the application to your clients so that they can also review fieldwork progress.


askiaface is our CAPI software solution, its been designed to help you collect data during face-to-face mobile interviews, online and/or offline on iOS & Android smartphones and tablets.

Askiaface provides:

Simplicity: with the same intuitive interface across the range of data collection devices and automatic updates.

Power: askiaface allows you to include a wide range of survey resources (e.g. images, audio or video) in your fieldwork.

Sync: you can sync data easily using manual, automatic or scheduled connections. This automatically checks the latest version of survey, quotas and resources.

Flexibility: you have total flexibility when designing questionnaires so that you can control the style of your survey and make it responsive while still retaining all the logic of question routing and data integrity.

Adaptive: store your incomplete interviews on your askiaface device to access them at a later moment.

Platform One

Platform One is the most advanced panel and community management system on the market and we are proud to have collaborated in its creation. It seamlessly combines with all the askia design, field and analysis tools, offering you a single integrated platform from which to manage all your research community needs.

Quant & Qual: One community management platform for all your qualitative & quantitative research projects. Projects can even be automatically sequenced with specific responses from one triggering invites to follow-up projects.

Mobile on the go: Our Smart Surveys and Smart Diaries mean you can now collect both qual & quant data using one powerful app. Members don’t even have to be online to complete their surveys or tasks.

Flexible Member Websites: We’ll give you access to all the features and functions you could ever wish for, so that you get a research community website that works for you.

Gamification: rewards significantly increase community participation levels without significantly increasing the cost to you. With Platform One you’ll benefit from an advanced gamification system that can be used in all sorts of creative ways.

These are just a handful of platform highlights. You can find a list of all features & functions on the Platform One website.