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askiafield will help you manage all of your fieldwork projects easily and efficiently. It contains the following solutions: askiavoice for CATI, askiaweb for CAWI, askiaface for CAPI & mobile and PlatformOne for panel & community management.

More surveys need to be completed from everywhere, at anytime, 24/7, all over the world in hundreds of languages. CATI agents are now working from home. Mobile panellists fill in surveys at points of purchase. Respondents may want to start a survey on their phone and finish it on their laptop.

To help you stay in control of all this, we've created a reliable & scalable platform for collecting data across a wide range of modes and a control centre which allows you to monitor all survey tasks in a single environment...

Welcome to AskiaField!

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AskiaVoice features

  • Flexible

    Deploy surveys anywhere, anyhow.
  • Control

    Monitor all aspects of fieldwork.
  • Global

    Manage your fieldwork anytime, anywhere.
  • Call types

    Many dialling modes are available.
  • Shareable

    Allow your clients to check on fieldwork.
  • Expandable

    Leverage our API to extend features.


Run surveys from anywhere you want.

AskiaVoice enables you to easily deploy in-house or remote agents and supervisors, including the option for automatic dialling with CTArchitect.


Monitor all aspects of fieldwork.

Supervisors have complete visibility & control over sample and quotas (no matter how complex the rules). They can easily review progress & carry out performance checks on agents. You can also assign sample files, link to external databases and run a range of reports.

AskiaField Supervisor


Manage your fieldwork anytime, anywhere.

We provide AskiaVoice with CcaPortal, a web interface that allows you to administer your agents and quotas as well as produce all the necessary reports.

AskiaVoice call types

Call types

Access a wide variety of dialling modes.

Calls can be in- or out-bound, or a mixture of the two. Call traffic can be monitored to enable different surveys to be carried out simultaneously and monitored by as many supervisors as needed.


Allow your clients to check on fieldwork.

With AskiaField's unique Click & Go feature you can send a copy of the application to your clients so that they can also review fieldwork progress.


Leverage our API to extend features.

AskiaField exposes certain of it assets & features in the form of (Web) APIs to third parties with the goal of unlocking additional business value through the creation of new functionality.


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AskiaWeb features

  • Scalable

    On-demand infrastructure expansion.
  • Responsive

    Display your surveys on any device.
  • Engage

    With built-in email management.
  • Integrated

    Seamlessly with Askia's suite.
  • Versatile

    Flexible & live survey updates.
  • Monitor

    Supervise all aspects of your survey.


The power to grow your web surveys.

AskiaWeb rests on a Network Load Balancing architecture that allows you to deliver thousands of simultaneous connections.


Deploy your web surveys on all devices.

With our brand new Askia Design Pages, manage fully responsive surveys with flexible controls that will allow you to interact with your respondents on any device could it be a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop or a desktop.

AskiaWeb responsive


Connect with your respondents.

With AskiaWeb ’s integrated email management you can send or schedule invitations and reminders using our fully customisable email tools.

AskiaWeb integration


Seamlessly with Askia's suite.

AskiaWeb has been designed to work effortlessly with Askia’s other data collection tools (AskiaVoice & AskiaFace) for mixed-mode data collection along with AskiaDesign's powerful survey design and AskiaAnalysis' tools.


Flexible & live survey updates.

Easily monitor survey progress in real-time, from anywhere. You can make modifications to live surveys (change questions, quotas & resource files) without any costly fieldwork downtime.


Supervise all aspects of your survey.

Easy control: our supervisor tool lets you connect to sample files & external databases, monitor your web connections and manage any external resources (images, audio, video, ...).

AskiaWeb monitoring

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AskiaFace features

  • Capable

    Supercharged mobile surveys.
  • In sync

    Update all survey assets effortlessly.
  • Customisable

    Design your surveys to fit your needs.
  • Ubiquitous

    Available on a wide range of devices.


Supercharged mobile surveys.

AskiaFace enables you to include a wide range of survey resources: custom survey controls, images, audio, video & external databases in your mobile fieldwork.
You can also use AskiaFace in Kiosque mode for self-administered intervewing.

In sync

Update all survey assets effortlessly.

You can synchronise data easily using manual, automatic or scheduled connections. This automatically checks the latest version of your survey, quotas, resources & messages.

AskiaFace for Android


Design your surveys to fit your needs.

You have total flexibility when designing mobile questionnaires so that you can control the look & feel of your survey while still retaining all the logic of question routing and data integrity.


Available on a wide range of devices.

AskiaFace can be used on many mobile devices; Windows PC, iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones & tablets. The mobile app can be found on both major app stores for free!

iOS app Android app

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Platform One

Platform One features

  • Quant & Qual

    Manage all types of communities.
  • On-the-go

    Collect data anywhere.
  • Homely

    Your community will feel cosy.
  • Gamification

    Increase community engagement.

Quant & Qual

Manage all types of communities.

One community management platform for all your qualitative & quantitative research projects. Projects can even be automatically sequenced with specific responses from one triggering invites to follow-up projects.


Collect data anywhere.

Our Smart Surveys and Smart Diaries mean you can now collect both qual & quant data using one powerful app. Members don’t even have to be online to complete their surveys or tasks.

Platform One


Your communities will feel cosy.

Platform One's flexible member websites will give you access to all the features & functions you could ever wish for, so that you get a research community website that works for you.


Increase community engagement.

Rewards significantly increase community participation levels without significantly increasing the cost to you. With Platform One you’ll benefit from an advanced gamification system that can be used in all sorts of creative ways.

Visit Platform One

Platform One reward systems

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