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We are askia

A group of gifted individuals who have a passion for Market Research.

We and our clients have this in common: we all believe that Askia has the best market research software in the industry. And the best support team behind it. Software is only one component of the offering. Our software range has been evolving thanks to the drive of our clients, industry leaders by their size or their willingness to adopt new technologies.

We offer easy to use yet sophisticated questionnaire design; for data collection, we provide telephone, mobile, web, face-to-face and multi-modal options, each available via the same powerful administration platform; our data processing and delivery products are spearheaded by online and offline statistical analysis tools. If you include our APIs and our Community Management platform, then you have a grasp on what we're all about!

Everything comes with a straightforward and beautiful interface that you can find your way around in minutes.

"Simplicity is complexity well done."

The other key component is support: we are a partner to our clients, not just a provider. You, like us, live and breathe market research – you deserve a technological partner who understands your needs, adapt its products accordingly, assists you in your work and fixes whatever needs fixing. To complement our core support team who’ve been with us for years, we recruit -from within the industry- people who have had years of experience using Askia and who genuinely believe our software is the best. Our support team is not hidden behind an email address or a web form. You can call us and speak to a real person; we will be there every time, however often, whatever the reason, without charge.

This is the age of openness. We have no secrets... Well, not too many! We write articles & blog posts so we can share our knowledge on software and research. All of our roadmaps are accessible to users so they can see where we’re going and contribute accordingly. Our best ideas come from this co-creation process. We keep track of each reported bug or suggestion so you can see when they are fixed and implemented.

Askia is a proud member of:

  • Esomar: World association for market, social and opinion research
  • Casro: The Voice and Values of Research
  • ASC: The Association for Survey Computing
  • Syntec Etudes Marketing Opinion
  • BIG: Business Intelligence Group Conference
  • MRS: Market Research Society

The askia team

The Askia team consists of market research experts located in seven countries:

Patrick George-LassaleAdmin
Useless for supportAdmin
Christine CaggiaSales
Lethal weaponSales
Catherine BazileAdmin
Processing titleAdmin
Yannick AbbéSupport
Keyboard crusherSupport
Samuel ToussayDev
Patient 0Dev
Jérôme DuparcProduct
Design guru wannabeProduct
Stephen BronnecDevOps
Padawan GeniusDevOps
Héloïse de SanoitUX
Processing titleUX
Mamadou SyDev
African GuruDev
Yoann SitbonDev
Cable-eating guruDev
Paul NevinDesign
Clip-art directorDesign
Jonathan BruelDev
Processing titleDev
Iman ZarrabianDev
SMTP relayDev
Dimitri RochetteDev
Processing titleDev
Anastassia PinardSales
Processing titleSales
Olivier LamourelleDev
Processing titleDev
David EdelmannSupport
Processing titleSupport
Saif ManaiSupport
Processing titleSupport
Aymeric ThivellierDevOps
Processing titleDevOps
Pedro PerezDev
Processing titleDev
Aymen Ben MiledDev
Processing titleDev
Maxime Pierre MetayerDev
Processing titleDev
Jérôme SopoçkoDev
James CourtierDev
All-Black GuruDev
Irène PapinSupport
Elephant & castle genius
Seyf AltindalSupport
Young stand-up geniusSupport
Matt LongSupport
Spinal tapperSupport
Julia AckermannAdmin
London voiceAdmin
Richard CollinsSales
Richard CollinsSales
Jatin BhattSupport
Jatin BhattSupport
Johan MinneAdmin
Behind the scenesAdmin
Maarten BossuytSales
Michael JordanSales
Stijn MoermanQA
Stijn MoermanQA
Koen De WolfDev
Koen De WolfDev
Iris ParisisAdmin
Iris ParisisAdmin
Robbe Van der GuchtSupport
Robbe Van der GuchtSupport
Peter GabriëlDev
Bootstrap sledgehammerDev
Jasper De VrientDev
Jasper De VrientDev
Hervé MunyanezaDev
Hervé MunyanezaDev
Bram MertensSupport
Bram MertensSupport
Jamey CorriveauOps
New dimensions geniusOps
Ramona StrattonAdmin
Ramona StrattonAdmin
Jordan GrindleSupport
Ia! Cthulhu fhtagnAcolyte
Michael BrennanSupport
They don’t think it be like it is but it do
Dietmar DzierzawaSales
Vat else?Sales
Sven GoekeSupport
Notorious BIGSupport
Jacques NigergulSupport
Fast & KoreanSupport
Alexandru PreduselDev
Processing titleDev
Carmen IvascuProduct
Processing titleProduct
Martin HrabovskyDev
Processing titleDev
Mircea Guiman-StefanDevOps
Processing titleDevOps
Stefan KogutDev
Processing titleDev
Adrian TanaseDev
Processing titleDev
Ana Maria IgnatProduct
Processing titleProduct
Johan Baert
New Soccer Genius
Fabrice Bellenand
Admin guru
Ronald Bernard
Caribbean Guru
Alexandre Boury
Turkish bath Genius
Jane Clarke
British voice (albeit out of tune)
Joe Chin
Hello sailor!
John Rousay
Don’t kiss on 1st date
Eric Moore
Fresh Prince
Serguey Stepanov
Processing title
Pierre Collet
Guru, lost at sea (Britanny)
Robert-Alexandre Coulon
Quizzart guru & cook
Frederick Dierickx
Meat eater
Christina Fox
Grumpy & infiltrator
Kevin Gargadennec
Michael Long
Afrikaans Guru
Nick Southwood
Rock & Roll icon
Paul Ferreira
Flash isn't dead Guru
Marius Jantea
Too soon!
Mila Gerova
Bleached Genius
Vicki Holmes
Swinging London voice
Florin Ungureanu
Vlad the Impaler
Ralf Romstein
Never processed
Arnaud Stasse
Vista guru, perfumer
Sonia Barès
Flame & co genius
Eimantas Stankvicius
Kung-Fu Guru
Jocelyne Moreau
Carbone 14
Natasha Thomas
British voice, admin queen
John-Paul Voisin
Petit Panda
Ekaterina Yakunkina
From Russia with love
Xiao Yang He
Great wall Genius
Mohamed Chohra
Oran Guru
Filip Hoste
Ghent Guru
Mehdi Ait-Bachir
Database fascist Guru
Ben Pollard-Nelson
Vista preacher



MyForce, located in Belgium, is the provider of CTArchitect, Askia’s CATI dialer. Since 1998, MyForce and Askia have been working very closely, resulting in a Market Research phone room platform that is seamlessly integrated with Askiafield.

This tight connection, combined with an extensive range of features for inbound, outbound & monitoring/QA projects, makes CTArchitect one of the strongest solutions available on the market. On top of that, our experience in the contact centre industry has paved the way for further innovation in the MR CATI field.

Next to CTArchitect development and maintenance for Askia, MyForce is the exclusive Benelux supplier of the Askia survey software suite, taking care of all Askia sales & first line of support in these countries. Finally, MyForce is in charge of all second-level customer support for all of Askia’s CTArchitect clients outside of the Benelux.


Platform One was originally conceived and designed by Jon Gumbrell. Jon, a true innovator, was at the forefront of building access panels from 2000-06 and online communities from 2008, since when he has designed application integrations for other community and panel management platforms.

This is what inspired him to re-invent the architecture of a complete platform, where all features and functionalities are built-in rather than bolted-on. As an Askia client, Jon also knew that he wouldn't need to design new survey and analysis tools, but rather build a platform that worked seamlessly with the Askia toolkit.

The collaboration between Askia and Platform One runs deep with Askia holding a major share in Platform One. Client-servicing and company management teams are based in London with technical support and software development teams located in the Asian office.


Phebi is a leader in the emerging Voice Economy. Phebi Insight, the company's flagship solution for market and survey research, and winner of the 2020 IIeX EU Insight Innovation Competition, makes it easy to voice-enable any survey. The technology can be embedded into Askia surveys to increase response and completion rates, gain insight-rich qualitative data at scale and better predict behavior. Phebi Insight also offers emotion detection and sentiment analysis, providing researchers with new levels of understanding only available via the combination of voice tech and AI.

Phebi and Askia have been working jointly on integrating voice-enabled web surveys.
Try our voice enabled survey powered by Phebi Insight.


Code verbatims with precision - using human-led AI.

codeit blends the latest AI tools with human oversight to maximize quality, improve productivity and minimize the effort needed to code verbatim data.

Tell a more complete story from your verbatim data by choosing from a variety of powerful tools ranging from traditional manual coding through to AI, Machine Learning, Text Analytics and Machine Translation.

With codeit you can simply manually code your data using an unrivalled, easy-to-use coding interface. Your coding will automatically train codeit’s easy-to-use machine learning system which helps you autocode subsequent verbatims on your project.

The latest addition to the software will do all the heavy lifting for your analysts and automatically extract themes using the in-built “themeit” tool. You can even use the auto-translation feature so that verbatims are converted into your language of choice whenloaded. codeit is tightly integrated via the Askia API, so your data flows seamlessly into codeit and back into Askia once coded. codeit is the smarter, faster verbatim coding tool that is trusted by some of the world'sleading research agencies, coding providers and in-house researchers.


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