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Technical support

We’re rightly proud of our fantastic support team with some of the best minds in the industry helping users get the most out of our software.

In our Help Centre you’ll find knowledge base articles, documents, installation notes, FAQs and the option for you to submit development requests and to check what’s coming up in future software releases.

All support queries that have been sent to us will receive a unique ID so that your issue can be tracked and dealt with in the most efficient way by the best person for the job.

We’re available from 8am until midnight (UK time) to help you wherever you are. Our offices stretch over many time zones so we’re never too far away.

“We’ve switched web survey providers many times due to lack of functionality, hidden costs, and poor customer service. When we found Askia last year we were hopeful but hesitant. Flash forward 1 year and we are extremely happy with our decision in every respect. Their functionality is on par if not greater than the go-to solutions in the space, their costs are competitive, fair, and they have no hidden costs. Finally, their customer service is unparalleled, helping you every step of the way and always available to answer questions. Askia has enabled us to be more competitive and provide cutting edge survey tools to our clients.”

ThinkNow Research


You will have access to some of the best software in market research and you will want to use all of its power & functionality to get the most out of it. Our training will protect your investment and provide you with all the know-how to get the job done.

We have training sessions to introduce you to our software created by us and leading industry professionals; you choose the modules, we deliver the knowledge.

Even if you have attained experience using Askia software there is always more to learn so we provide intermediate to advanced sessions and in fact any level of training that you require; we tailor it to fit you and your team through discussion and understanding your needs.

You’ll be pleased to hear that our training costs are ‘per day’ and not for the number of individuals taking part. We take groups of up to 4 or 5 trainees, so that everyone can benefit and everyone can feel included.

In case you were wondering where we do the training you are very welcome to visit us or we can come to you, whatever you prefer. We can also run remote training sessions, in bite-sized chunks, to refresh your knowledge, show you new functionality in action or introduce your colleagues to the world of Askia.


When you need a solid hosting solution, talk to us, as Askia’s hosting provides a managed platform for hosting Askia software. It combines a reliable infrastructure and great connectivity with an optimised, fully supported server solution ready to host your Askia applications.

If you no longer want to manage your own infrastructure and all the costs that go with that then our hosting will provide peace of mind via its robust and guaranteed service coupled with swift and exacting support.

Our hosting is based in the Coreix data centre in London. This state of the art facility provides a solid foundation backed up by a 100% infrastructure availability guarantee. Askiahosting benefits from the following:

  • A virtual server on our application server for hosting Askia software
  • Space on our optimised database server (not virtualised)
  • Installation of your Askia software
  • Monitoring & Alarms
  • Project backups
  • Access to our support team

The askiahosting service has been built around capacity. Under average workloads each server can comfortably deliver up to 1,000 concurrent connections. Should you need more capacity, simply add another server to your hosting. Capacity can be hired on a monthly basis for as long as you need.

Web bureau

With web surveys, the aesthetics & functionality of the final product is everything. If you need to create something different using our advanced techniques and you would like us to host the project as well, we can help.

We offer:

  • Complete programming of your questionnaire
  • Integration of skip patterns, complex routings & other design features
  • Custom screen layout with multimedia files
  • Links to your sample, from a database or from a 3rd-party sample provider
  • Customizable invitation options
  • Full testing opportunities

Custom development

It’s no surprise that we’re experts in using our software so if you need something that’s not on the menu just let us know, we’ll talk it through with you and create a solution that fits the bill.

Perhaps you would like us to help create a dashboard for you (yes, we have a set of APIs), develop some new survey controls for your surveys to enhance the overall look & feel and generally offer the best advice we can, our technical team is here to help.

At Askia, we spend a lot of time crafting our APIs extensively. It allows developers to make some really clever things and to increase the scope of products. Programmers work better in small teams - and compartmentalising development with interface allows just that. Hence we created APIs for data analysis, fieldwork, dashboards and survey design controls.

This lets us – and our clients - create exciting new experiences all the time; a website giving access to a selection of audio recordings of CATI interviews searchable by any criteria; drilling down to interview levels from charts; an iPhone app to monitor quotas in real-time; word clouds which link back to actual responses; virtual shop shelves... our entire coding application was done through the askiafield API.

We document them, provide training & consultancy. This lets us enable your own geeks to light up your lives. As the proverb should say...

Teach a man to fish and you saved yourself a fish.