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Reporting survey data

What is askiaanalysis?

Askiaanalysis is a set of powerful & flexible applications for in-depth survey data analysis and reporting.




Four solutions that perform equally well doing the heavy lifting in the mass production of data processing reports while also providing the finesse needed for refined, interactive data analyses.
If you're a market research agency (big or small) or an active internal research team you'll find askiaanalysis gives you all the tools you need to quickly and effectively generate insights from your data.


askiaanalyse is our desktop analysis software designed specifically for Market Research data. It's easy to get started with no programming skills required, produce simple or complex tables quickly and save time using libraries and templates.
Perform complex analyses using an app that is fully integrated with Askia's other survey software applications (Design & Field) and open to other industry formats (XLS, SSS, SPSS).

When it comes to analysing your survey data, you don't need to be a programmer or have to wait for one to help you:

  • Drag & drop questions
  • Choose the output format (table or multivariate analysis)
  • Obtain results and professional looking tables in seconds

If you're an expert that you'll find askianalyse was built for you:

  • Handle large volumes of data at speed
  • Perform complex analyses with ease
  • Advanced scripting for powerful data analysis
  • Save time with our fully customisable portfolios


askiasurf is unique. It lets you align data from multiple surveys simply and easily in order to allow you to perform analyses across multiple survey waves seamlessly.

askiasurf provides:

  • Simple merging of datasets
  • Efficiency when managing continuous surveys
  • Reduced complexity when integrating multiple waves of data

askiasurf is our unique data alignment tool which helps take the hassle out of trackers and other continuous serveys.

It lets you manage ever-changing lists of responses or questions from one wave to another and to produce aggregate data without having to build new files.

askiasurf integrates with the entire Askia software suite allowing the user to change variable and table captions, the order of questions and responses using askiadesign. Questionnaire data can then be easily processed using askiaanalyse or askiavista.


askiavista is our web-based analysis application created specially for Market research data. With it you can create & share online reports, produce simple or complex tables, get started easily or leverage askiavista's power to build your own dashboards using it's API.

askiavista provides:

  • Powerful & flexible data analysis tools
  • Support for many data sources (.SSS, .CSV, TXT, PKD)
  • A customisable interface
  • An API designed to fit your needs
  • Large variety of charts & data visualisations
  • Seamless integration with your askiaanalyse assets
  • User rights & project management