Askia is

We automate insight

We have a solid, powerful, yet easy to use suite of apps - in fact one of the only companies in the world that can claim to cover all survey needs - whether face to face, telephone, web or mobile interviewing together with an analysis package with full statistical functionality.

Design surveys

We built askiadesign to give you the power, flexibility and ease of use you need when creating your surveys.

Collect data

Askiafield is a reliable and scalable platform which monitors all survey tasks in a single environment.

Analyse & report

Unrivaled data analysis features on surveys of any size: thousands of questions or millions of interviews.

Design surveys, simply & elegantly

We believe that designing questionnaires should be elegant and simple. For us, this means Market Research software that achieves the right combination of ease of use and power.

One app to rule them all

A single platform for designing all types of questionnaires: web, telephone, face to face or mobile.
Your surveys are one click away from a wide range of respondents & devices.

Filter logic

Tools that make complex operations (e.g. routings) simple.
From a one-click interface to a dedicated Market Research script, askiadesign provides you with cutting edge tools.


Design surveys with templates & libraries for questions, routings, formatting and layout to improve productivity.
Collaborate with multiple users able to work on the same questionnaire simultaneously.


Onboard your respondents with closed, numeric, open, date, grid, sliders, image, geo maps and more survey controls. The extendable tools will keep survey respondents engaged.

Quality control

Askiadesign is shipped with a wide range of simple user testing and quality control tools: run your survey with specific parameters, debug it, share test links with your clients or collaborators.

Live updates

Askiadesign integrates seamlessly with askiafield’s data collection and askiaanalysis’ data processing solutions in order to provide you with the ability to modify live surveys without any downtime.

Collect data with askiafield, our control centre

A reliable and scalable platform for collecting data across a wide range of modes and a control centre which allows you to monitor all survey projects in a single environment.

Integrated management

Monitor your telephone, web, face to face & mobile surveys from a single environment. Askiafield provides complete visibility and control over sample & quotas.
Easily review progress and carry out performance checks on agents. You can also assign sample files, link to external databases and run a range of reports.

Boost performance

Askiafield is fully integrated with CTArchitect, our dialler solution. It provides Preview, Progressive and Predictive dialling.
Furthermore, a special agent-based predictive dialling algorithm - called Smart Research Dialling - has been developed specifically for market research.


Askiavoice enables you to easily deploy in-house or remote agents and supervisors for your telephone surveys or just monitor survey progress in real-time, from anywhere.
Askiaweb rests on a Load-Balanced architecture that allows you to deliver thousands of simultaneous connections.


With our unique Click & Go feature you can send a copy of the application to your clients so you can quickly share fieldwork progress.
Also our latest askiafield portal allows you to fully manage your fieldwork online. You can monitor (see-in and listen-in) your agents via your browser as well as reporting on the progress of surveys in field.


We’ve created a reliable & scalable platform which monitors all survey projects in a single environment. Agents won’t be left in the lurch if you upload a new version of the survey, change quotas or add more sample. Even if the network is lost, interviews carry on as if nothing untoward has happened and the data sent once the connection has been restored.

Mobile first

Askiafield allows you to easily collect data during face-to-face mobile interviews, online or offline on iOS and Android devices.
Our mobile apps can be downloaded for free so you can check them out!

Analyse & report with the industry standard

Askiaanalysis provides a set of powerful and flexible applications for in-depth data analysis and reporting. If you’re a market research agency or an active internal research team you’ll find askiaanalysis gives you all the tools you need to quickly and effectively generate insights from your data.

Raw power

If you’re an expert then you’ll find askiaanalyse was built for you. We designed it specifically for Market Research analysis and as you’d expect, it has the power to deliver complex analyses and handle large volumes of data at speed.


While we pride our engineering research & development; we also know that providing you with open tools that allow you to chose how best to work. Askiaanalysis seamlessly integrates with many other data sources.

Continuous data

Take the hassle out of trackers and other continuous surveys: askiaanalysis lets you manage ever-changing lists of responses or questions from one wave to another and to produce aggregate data without having to build new files.

Visualize data

Through its extensive set of tools, askiaanalysis gives you access to a large variety of ways to observe and share your data: simple to complex tables, charts & more advanced data visualizations.


Extend functionality of into new & innovative directions. Our SDK gives software developers the tools & documentation they need to build custom portals or dashboards by leveraging our askiaanalysis API.

Future proof

Designed from the ground up for the future, askiaanalysis makes use of the latest web technologies to ensure an optimal experience regardless of the hardware you use.

Pro services with a creative touch

As well as providing our customers with some of the most innovative insight automation in the business, we also offer a wide range of supplementary services.

We're rightly proud of our technical support team at Askia and they're there to help pass on their expertise directly to you the customer. Our support staff are the best in the industry. So, if you have a problem of any sort, call them or email them right away. You'll be glad you did.
Take advantage of our customized training sessions and let your team get the most from our software suite. Far from the usual generic training sessions, you chose which topics you want us to provide to your team.